What To Consider When Choosing A Fertility Clinic

  • April 10, 2019

You and your partner have been trying to conceive for a year and nothing has happened. You are feeling defeated, and you now know that you must get referred to a fertility clinic by your doctor. That is because you now know that you need medical intervention in order to achieve a pregnancy. Or, you already are aware that you have fertility issues and you also need to know how you will move on from where you are. You are unsure of what to consider when it comes to choosing the fertility clinic that will help you achieve the one thing that you and your partner strongly desire- and that is a baby!

There are many factors to consider when you are choosing a fertility clinic and let’s go over these factors right now:

Go with what your doctor recommends – If you trust your doctor well enough to know that he or she will only recommend the best clinics where you can get the medical assistance you need, then you can go with the clinic that your doctor recommends. However, you will still want to make inquiries. But just know, if your reputable doctor is recommending a particular fertility clinic to use, then it must be reputable as well.

Google reviews – You can look at reviews to make the determination, but don’t only use that as the only factor for making your decision to use the clinic. You will want to still make the inquiries you need as well as you would make if your doctor has referred you to a particular clinic.

Local infertility support groups – What couples in any of the local infertility support groups say about any clinic they have used will be a huge factor as well for when it comes to making the decision to use any particular clinic. That is because if several couples have had success by using one particular clinic, then there is a good chance this clinic will be good for you as well.

Study the website of any particular fertility clinic you found online – You can’t make a decision based on the website alone, but if you see that the specialists have the right credentials and if they have been in practice for a while, then you can add that clinic to your list of possible fertility clinics to inquire about. Another important thing to keep in mind when you are looking into using any fertility clinic that you find online, you will want to make sure that they are credible. The number of years they have been around being not a determining factor because sometimes brand new clinics are quite good as well. But you will want to steer clear of any clinic that:

– Makes false promises such as making guarantees that you will be pregnant in a    particular time frame.

– States that you will be sold more fertility drugs in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant without really determining your own unique situation.

– Does not show any credentials that the specialists have.

– Makes any general claim that sounds good to be true, because that is always the case!

– Does not tell you who the specialists are at all. You don’t want to be going into this in the dark.

– Has more negative reviews than positive reviews.

The best determining factor in all honesty when it comes to choosing a fertility clinic is any clinic that your doctor recommends as it was already mentioned. However, not every couple facing infertility wants to do that which is a respectable decision.

And, once you do decide on a fertility clinic to use, you will want to inquire about the following:

  • Payment plans and insurance
  • Their plan of treatment in your own unique situation
  • If the clinic has any support groups
  • Treatments during any holiday or after hours

You also want to feel comfortable where you will be getting treated as well. If the specialists are compassionate, then that is a bonus. Not all of them will be, but that depends as well on their level of lack of compassion. Sometimes specialists who are excellent at what they do but have been around for a long time may not always appear warm. But if you are uncomfortable due to the fact that no one in the clinic has a caring bedside manner at all, you will not want to use that clinic. You need to be treated somewhere where you will feel comfortable, as well as confident that you will receive the help you need.


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